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Doctor Who 503

  • Apr. 17th, 2010 at 4:17 PM
ranrata: (dw-doctoramy)
Fandom, so melodramatic. One average episode and it's cause for tears :p

So, the first non-Moffat episode of the season, how was it? Pretty average, really. I don't have the overwhelming desire to re-watch the episode like I did with the last two...though I do want to re-watch it. (Soon as my new laptop gets here and I can download the ep.) I don't really have any criticisms about the episode--well, except I agree with the complain that the dialog's hard to hear--it just wasn't stand-out. Although I have the feeling that by the end of the season, all the "average" episodes are going to turn out to be way more interesting than they were initially.

I was wondering if they could maintain the fairytale feel in a World War II setting, but I think they ultimately achieved that at the end by keeping the bomb from detonating by having Bracewell "remember" he's human. I'm not a fan who gets excited by Daleks; I honestly like them best when they're more tongue-in-cheek (Dalek/Cyberman smack talk? FTW). But...I'm a little excited now.

I should probably stop reading spoilers now, considering the revelation that Amy doesn't recognize the Daleks...wasn't a revelation for me. Would have been a real WTF if I hadn't been such a spoiler ho. I've read enough to get sufficiently excited, but I want to be completely surprised for whatever mindfuck Moffat has in store. (Also, I'm thoroughly convinced Moffat's a liar. He claims he was unaware of the 1990 issue date on Rory's badge. Uh-huh...)

And because I can't go more than a few minutes without thinking it: Matt Smith is love. The Doctor had a good long rage-out this week. I'm enjoying his temper, reminds me of Nine. (I honestly LOLed when Amy's going on about Bracewell being Scottish and the Doctor's like SHUT UP SHUT UP DALEKS.)

My favorite moment of the episode was actually very brief, when the Doctor wants Amy to give back the TARDIS key. He's suspicious of her now.

(In my obsessive pondering about the show, I realized the path I want the Doctor/Amy relationship to take is like Jack/Gwen: he shows her some adventure and aliens, she's into him, he's into her, she has a boyfriend/fiance, he pushes her towards the boyfriend/fiance, occasional sexual tension, and no angst. Yes please.)


EDIT: Watched BBC America's "Ultimate Guide," and it had new clips in it! All I'll say...the TARDIS, River Song being a BAMF, and the Doctor making funny noises. I can't wait for this episode! And:

Doctor: "Amy, you need to start trusting me. This is important. I need you to trust me."
Amy: "But you don't always tell me the truth."
Doctor: "If I always told you the truth, I wouldn't need you to trust me."


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